Confident Wireless Solutions


Confident Wireless Solutions is one of the best solution provider companies in Telecom Industry. The Company is established by a group of efficient, talented and dynamic group of telecom experts in various fields for more than 12 years of telecom experience.

It is headquartered in Bangalore, India. Our Company was founded with the vision of providing cost effective services, without compromising the quality. We contribute and share a common business goal with our clients, and help them reach their business objectives productively.

We create, nurture and value the long-term relationship with our customers. We are legendary for our expertise, cost efficiency and high standards of services. Quality, timely delivery and effective maintenance are our strengths.


Confident Wireless Solutions Pvt.Ltd established under Company act 1956, to provide complete telecom services and trainings in all technologies (2G, 3G and LTE). We are leading provider of telecom services such as BTS I & C, BTS integration, Microwave I & C, Site Survey, RF Planning, Drive test & Optimization and Benchmarking for all technologies (2G/3G/LTE) in India and outside India.


To be the leaders in Telecom services, and to remain a dominant player in telecommunication sector while also extending reliable and cost effective services to our customers.


Our focus is to deliver world-class telecom solutions by maintaining high levels of quality, introducing new solutions, build customer comfort & maintain long term relationship, and constantly upgrading our knowledge and skills.



  • BTS Installation and Commissioning
  • BTS Integration
  • Microwave Installation and Commissioning
  • BTS Swaping
  • IBS Installation and Commissioning
  • BSC Installation and Commissioning
radio network services


  • Radio Network Planning: Access Network planning, Network design & dimensioning
  • Radio Network audit: Site Audit, antenna height, antenna type, azimuths, tilts, transmit frequency, Single Career Frequency Test ( SCFT ) etc
  • Radio Network Optimization: Drive test analysis, call drop analysis & rectification, parameter planning & optimization, traffic and throughput analysis.
  • Radio Network Benchmarking: Benchmarking across top cities in India for our clients
  • Radio Network KPI Optimization: Worst KPIs analysis and improvement in cell level.